Agnihotra Can Be Done By Anybody

Dee Doanes Agnihotra Lady

The Agnihotra Lady


Agnihotra can be done by anybody. Anywhere. We at Shanti Villa Institute are on a mission to spread the message about saving the planet.  Be a part of the solution to climate change. The time is now for everyone to learn about the Vedic science of Agnihotra, which has been scientifically proven to reverse pollution. Go to Google Scholar and look up the numerous scientific studies. or go to the Agnihotra link at the bottom of this article to see a few studies I posted there.

We all know about natural disasters happening all over the world. Climate change and pollution are out of control and the earth is suffering. As a result, humans and animals that live on earth are suffering too. If the planet is healthy, then we are healthy. It’s scientifically impossible for the planet to be unhealthy and we are healthy. Humans are connected to Earth. Each of us is responsible for what happens to the planet. In the scientific concept of, “man, microbes, flora, and fauna,” if one of those things is disrupted then all of them are disrupted.

The planetary cycle is off. Earth is off her tilt, the tilt used to be 23.5. But due to pollution, this has changed. The sun’s rays hit the earth at a different angle. There is a cycle for everything. A time when birds sing their first song in the morning. A time when animals settle in in the evening. A time when bears hibernate. A time when birds migrate for winter. All of this has been altered by climate change and pollution which NASA and other U.S. scientific experts say is mostly caused by humans.

Agnihotra is an Ayurveda practice that resets the planetary cycle and gets rid of pollution. This solution doesn’t have to involve the government or politicians. They have no solutions to climate change. They DON’T know what to do. The government is NOT solving the climate change problem.

Climate change has no political affiliation. Climate change isn’t about religion. It affects everyone and will take us all out if we don’t take care of the planet.

WE, ARE THE PEOPLE. And we, the people, have to take care of the planet before more natural catastrophes happen.

Would you like to learn more? Learn more about Agnihotra here. Post any questions. You can call Shanti Villa Institute, (located in Tuskegee, AL) 334-740-6440 with any questions or schedule a visit to see how Agnihotra is done. Or visit Shanti Atlanta (located in Conyers, GA).