Alternative Treatments for Allergies and Digestion Problems


Alternative Treatments for Allergies and Digestion Problems. I recently met a woman with digestion and allergy problems. She suffered from frequent sinus colds, gas, bloating, acid reflux, and infrequent bowel movements.


Maybe Cutting Out Milk and Cheese Will Help


Alternative Treatments for Allergies and Digestion Problems Alternative Treatments for Allergies and Digestion Problems


I told the woman that a good alternative treatment for allergies and digestion problems could be to cut out milk and cheese from the diet. A lot of people I know have lost weight, lessened allergies, and corrected digestion problems by eliminating these two things.


The woman told me that she was a milk and cheese fanatic and wouldn’t be able to stop consuming them. Too bad she wasn’t willing to try something different since the quality of her life and health were greatly diminished.


Allergies and Digestion Problems Can be Solved Without Medicine


Many people can’t tolerate milk and cheese, which are two common items in the American diet and wonder why they experience bloating, indigestion, gas, and sinus problems.


For example, thousands of people take medicine for indigestion not realizing that if you have a digestion problem you have to change the food you’re digesting, and not take medicine. And drug companies make millions of dollars from the sales of digestive aids because of people’s food ignorance.


Could it be a good option to drink raw milk for better health?

You have to experiment and find out what works best for your body.


Food is your medicine—the most prevalent chemical you put in your body several times day. If your food choices give you problems then you must change your food choices to get better health.



Alternative Treatments for Allergies and Digestion Problems: Why Raw Milk May be Better


 Alternative Treatments for Allergies and Digestion Problems

Raw Milk and Pasteurized Milk: Is Raw Milk Safe to Drink?


Another health option is to drink raw milk instead of pasteurized (heated milk). Pasteurization produces milk that has diminished nutrients and kills some necessary enzymes. This type of milk creates mucus in the body, which triggers allergies and sinus problems in many people. I have read on some health forums that some people had eczema and allergies clear up from drinking raw milk instead.


The U.S. government says that raw milk isn’t safe for human consumption. From my own personal experience I don’t drink milk most of the time, but occasionally drink raw milk and eat kefir derived from raw milk. I’ve never had any adverse reactions from drinking raw milk the last several years. And think about it, our great grandparents and grandparents didn’t die from drinking raw milk!


Alternative Treatments for Allergies and Digestion Problems

Raw milk is safe to drink if:

  • The cows it comes from are healthy and eat grass
  • Milk is consumed soon after it’s milked which is the way it was done before the 1920’s, when pasteurized milk came into use
  • Milk is handled with the strictest of care,(i.e. no contamination with cow feces and milked in a clean facility)



Raw Milk Sales


Currently most states either allow farms to sale raw milk labeled for pet use only, or by giving it through a herd share. A herd share is when a consumer buys a cow and pays a farmer to board, care and milk a cow. The milk is given (not sold), to the consumer through a herd share agreement between the consumer and the farmer.


According to the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, currently in Nevada, Montana, Louisiana, Iowa, and West Virginia raw milk sales are illegal.


Unhealthy Cows


Earlier, I talked about raw milk being safe for consumers if the cows are healthy. It actually makes sense for the U.S. to ban raw milk sold directly to consumers in regular stores, if the milk comes from a large conventional facility. It’s almost impossible in this situation to have a proper environment for cows to be healthy.  Some conventional cow quick facts:


  • Cows live in crowded living conditions
  • Cows are pumped full of antibiotics
  • Cows fed soy, corn, and other grains not part of normal diet
  • Vitamin C is reduced by milk pasteurization.


Healthy Cows

Alternative Treatments for Allergies and Digestion Problems

See, he’s practicing before he milks a real cow!


For small to medium organic farms that raise pastured cows for milk and meat, the environment for the cows is much different. In this scenario raw milk should be sold directly to consumers in regular stores. Some quick healthy cow facts:


  • Cows are pasture raised
  • Cows don’t get sick as much and aren’t pumped full of chemicals
  • They eat nutritious grass
  • Studies show that raw milk has higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and essential fatty acid. (CLA helps to manage fat and maintains healthy muscle)



Alternative Treatments for Allergies and Digestion Problems: What to do if you stop drinking milk


 What to Drink Instead of Milk

Alternative Treatments for Allergies and Digestion Problems


  • Almond milk ( one of my personal favorites)
  • Rice Milk
  • Hemp Milk



Alternative Treatment for Allergies and Digestion Problems: What About Cheese?


 Alternative Treatments for Allergies and Digestion Problems


Cutting cheese out of the diet helps most women suffering from endometriosis, uterine fibroids, yeast infections, and other reproductive system issues.


I talk to a lot of women that find it hard to cut out cheese from their diet. They’re used to putting cheese on salads, burgers, and baked potatoes. But if you’re suffering from chronic yeast infections and uterine fibroids, eliminating cheese will make a big difference in easing symptoms.



Try these cheese substitutions:

Alternative Treatments for Allergies and Digestion Problems

Put shredded carrots on sandwiches instead of cheese


  • Sprinkle coconut flakes on baked potatoes
  • Put shredded carrots turkey or veggie burgers
  • Put seaweed strips on salads


I don’t eat cheese as a part of my regular diet but when I do my body feels clogged up and congested, and I develop a yeast infection. For me, cheese deters my body from eliminating waste properly and prevents me from having my normal 1-2 bowel movements a day.


I hope this article on alternative treatments for allergies and digestion problems can help you to decide if milk, cheese, or raw milk is good for you to consume or not. Please let me know what works for you.