California Redwoods and Communicating with Nature Part 2


California Redwoods and Communicating with Nature

One of my favorite pictures I took


California Redwoods and Communicating with Nature Part 2. Sorry for the delay in part 2 of my spiritual experiences in the California Redwoods. I have been quite busy traveling and new work projects. I encourage everyone to visit these tall, awe-inspiring, sacred trees. They play an important part in nature, as does everything on earth. Every living thing, great and small, is an important part of nature—the Divine order. This post will focus on California Redwoods facts, and at the end, I have some conservation information for these great tree.

Check out PART 1 of my story about California Redwoods; there is a great video about my experiences too! In part 1, I focus on my personal spiritual moments with the trees and the location of the California Redwoods forest I visited.


California Redwoods and Communicating With Nature

Took this pic in Avenue of the Giants, located in CA

California Redwoods Facts

  • California Redwoods are really tall; they grow up to 378 feet tall
  • California Redwoods grow by sprouting and seeding
  • Insects can NOT destroy Redwoods
  • They are fire-resistant because of tannin in the bark
  • They are the greatest cleaner of air, absorbs more carbon monoxide than any other species on earth
  • A tumor looking growth called a burl is often found on the trunk. The burl may grow a clone limb. If a tree falls and dies, this clone limb will have the same genetic material as the parent tree. Redwoods stumps can even grow limbs too!

In recent years The Redwood National Park has had trouble with some people cutting burls from California Redwoods. It’s awful for the trees since the burl contains all the genetic material, and cutting it off the tree makes the trees susceptible to disease.


Check out my video in the Redwoods where me and Gary Peterson of The Temple of Loving Kindness talk about communicating with nature and stepping outside your comfort zone.



What You May Not Know About California Redwoods

  • Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) are NOT the same as their cousins The Giant Sequoias (Sequoiadendron giganteum). Redwoods are taller. California Redwoods live in the Northern California Coast and have a shorter lifespan than Sequoias, up to 2000 years. Sequoias have thicker trunks and weigh more by volume. They live longer than Redwoods, up to 3000 years.
  • Check out the latest testing DNA analysis of California Redwoods done by The University of California, Berkeley
  • Fewer than 120,000 acres, or 5 percent, of the original redwood forest, remains today.
  • Learn more about how David Milarch, Archangel Archive co-founder, is preserving these beautiful Big Mamas. They produce clones of the trees and plant them around the world.