Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day

Dee Doanes Photography. Camellia in front of my house


Earth Day. I’m filled with love for the Earth and am happy to be a part of keeping her healthy. As I embark upon various sustainable projects with The Action Not Words Project, I am humbled by the task of connecting directly with the planet healthily and holistically.

I share the following Earth Day meditation and prayer with the hope that those of you reading this will chant this, bringing healing to our world. I wrote this meditation today as the Spirit moved me to share my love with you.



Earth Day Meditation

Earth Day


Mother Earth

I hold your hand

walking in your beauty and light

as the wind blows through my hair.


Every day you bring me to a quiet place

when I nurture your Nature.


I will plant seeds of love within your green skirts.

I will gaze upon your smiling face when I greet the sun.

I will eat food you grow from the water of your veins.

I will keep you clean and pure.


And, I will show love and compassion to all that live

here with me on your fertile ground.


All this I do on this Earth Day and every day.



Top 10 Earth Day Tips

Earth Day

  • Plant a small garden anywhere. Plant in a garden box on the windowsill or a small area in the back of the house. Help a neighbor do the same thing with plants different from yours so you can share. The soil, bees, and neighbors will be quite happy.
  • Show love for the bees. Stop mowing the lawn and getting lawn treatments. Plant alfalfa and clover. The bees will love you.
  • Recycle in unexpected ways. After using paper towels to wipe hands or for a minor cleanup, save them in the kitchen drawer to use for major spills and cleanups before tossing in the trash.
  • Meat eaters try to eat less meat. Especially conventionally produced meat. Conventional farms use more water than an organic or dynamic farm. Soil from organic farms retain more water than soil from conventional farms. Check out this Scientific American article for more details on this. The toxic runoff from conventional farms taints the nearby water supply and effects nearby wildlife and plants.
  • Ride public transportation at least once a week or carpool.
  • Bicycle to a nearby store for groceries.
  • Encourage your boss to let you telecommute for work to save on your gas and the utilities used at work
  • Share resources with friends and family. Consume sparingly. Buy or build a house with another family to cut down on materials used for homes and save money. Live in a co-housing community. Share a car with the next-door neighbor to share maintenance and insurance costs, and keep one less car on the road.
  • When using the bathroom at home, flush every third time when doing the #1. Just keep the lid down.
  • Last but not least: Enjoy nature. Feel the wind blow through your hair. Meditate in the sun. Do yoga on the grass. Walk barefoot on the ground. Touch the trees, flowers, water. Tell them you love them. Thank God for the Earth.


Enjoy Earth Day!