Finding Peace and Harmony

Welcome to my first Spirit Conversation. I post these conversations to encourage you to open your mind and clear out the negativity that holds you back in life.

This Spirit Conversation topic is: Finding Peace and Harmony. Finding your peace and harmony are important to having complete health and happiness in life.

I like discussing spirituality with various people in the spiritual empowerment community to expand my knowledge and deepen my spiritual practices.  I had the pleasure of having a great Spirit Conversation with Nancy Amestoy about finding peace and harmony. I met Nancy while attending a gong sound healing session with Yogi Ray, (he plays gongs that aid in healing and meditation). The session was held at her wonderful retreat, NaMestoy Farm in Cumming GA.  Nancy is such a kind and nurturing soul and I instantly bonded with her.  Enjoy her thoughts about finding peace and harmony in today’s busy world.


Spirit Conversation: Finding Peace and Harmony

Dee- Question: What should people to do to get in touch with themselves and find peace?

Nancy-Answer: Find a special, quiet place and build an altar and meditate. This is a place that someone should go to regularly. It can be indoors or outdoors. It’s a special place to be alone and to meditate to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just let the mind be free.


Dee: Yes it’s very important to mediate and/or pray regularly. Getting into a routine has a significant effect on the mind and spirit. I mediate and pray at the start of my day at home and if I miss it I feel out of sync. While doing errands or in between appointments I sit in my car and meditate to get back on track.


Dee-Question: I know you’re busy all the time. What’s your regular mediation routine?

Nancy- Answer: I get up at 4a.m or 5 a.m. and sit still for an hour. My thoughts are still and I wait for what comes to me naturally. I wait to feel God. I just listen and wait. Whatever comes to me is my guidance for the day. And this is something that helps me tremendously.



 Finding Peace and Harmony


Dee:-Question: I love to meditate by myself. What do you think about group meditation?

Nancy-Answer: Meditating with a group is a great way to deepen getting in touch with yourself. The collective energy of being in a room full of people helps to hold you in that peaceful space.  Group meditation boosts your spiritual energy.


Dee: How long have you lived a lifestyle of seeking peace and harmony?

Nancy: As long as I can remember.  I was alone a lot as a child. When I was lonely or scared I would call for help, and I could sense light coming into the room.  The Light Presence would encourage me to tap into the love and peace that was already alive in me.  The Presence of Love is much more powerful than alienation and fear.  I prayed a lot because I knew I could merge with a power that is greater than my individual self and yet deep inside me, too.  I was assured that that Presence would never leave or forsake me. As I became confident in my spiritual identity, I knew without a doubt that love casts out fear.  I realized I didn’t need to fight against anything.  Regardless of the darkness of the situation, there is always Light at the end of the tunnel.  Feelings and thoughts come and go, but the steadfastness of Divine Love and Presence are always the answer and solution to any disturbance.


Dee: What keeps people from achieving peace in their lives?

Nancy: Their priorities are askew. They are distracted as to what’s really important. You must do what’s most important first each and every day! Meditate, pray, slow down and get in touch with yourself.  Don’t put it off until you get done with the activities of your day. Sometimes I forget, we all forget. Each of us has this struggle.      

Finding Peace and Harmony

Nancy Amestoy


When people come to NaMestoy Farm, the peace I’m talking about is what I want them to find. Visit the website to find out more about  the latest events and retreats at NaMestoy Farm .