Grow Food To Know Where It Comes From


Grow Food to Know Where It Comes From. Did you know that your apple today has 1/40th the nutrients of your grandparent’s apple?  Because of the conditions these apples and other food sources are grown we are not able to get the same nourishment our bodies need!  They are grown with chemicals, artificial fertilizers, and bad soil.

These conditions affect our food by draining energy instead of healing and energizing us as foods should.


So how do we solve this? 


Step 1: Organic


Grow food to know where it comes from—this is important to start the journey to having good healthy food. Foods that use natural fertilizers and genetics still intact (not genetically modified) are extremely healthier for us and our Earth!


Step 2: Growing Locally

If we know our farmers we can figure out where our food is coming from and how it is being grown and treated.  Cutting out chemicals is great but sometimes there is a fine line between what is “natural” and “unnatural” in our current industries.  Buying locally is great because you get fresh foods that are more nourishing and you are supporting your local economy.


Step 3: Permaculture

Grow food to know where it comes from—this is something each of us can do. If we can all grow our own food we are not reliant on others for a very important part of our lives and we can literally eat right off our plants!!


Permaculture (permanent agriculture or food forests) is the art of living that emphasizes the abundance of fresh food, renewable energy, and happy community of people. 


By practicing permaculture you are upholding three ethics:

Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share


Imagine growing your own turmeric and oregano and eating it raw.  Your antioxidant levels would go through the roof!!   

Grow Food To Know Where It Comes From



Direct Action Valhalla wants to share Permaculture with people everywhere!

Grow Food To Know Where It Comes From

Locally, they educate people and have a made a support group through movie screenings, booths at expos, participating in community gardens, and have regular meetings.

This summer they want to tour the country

and teach people around the U.S. what permaculture is, why we need it, and how to do it!!

Help fund their trip and make a pristine planet possible!

Go to their website to learn more and check out their Indiegogo below:



Article courtesy of Chloe Buzzotoa of Direct Action Valhalla