Heal Rotator Cuff Injury With Natural Supplements 


Check out my video on how to heal a rotator cuff injury with natural supplements. Yes, you can heal from a rotator cuff injury naturally, even a severe rotator cuff injury.  No need for cortisone shots or surgery! I did this with two great natural supplements when I tore my rotator cuff a year and a half ago. (Note: I updated this article with additional recovery details since so many people asked about some specifics that weren’t listed. Feel free to post any questions.)

I had an MRI that showed chronic scar tissue at the rotator cuff and severe tendonitis and bursitis. My rotator cuff injury lingered for too long because I didn’t treat it and get diagnosed immediately.  I tore it when my mother was sick with cancer, and I didn’t have time to go to a doctor when I had to take her to doctors several times a week. Plus, I was sort of in denial and didn’t think the injury was as bad as it was. I was used to doing a boot camp/P90X type of workout, so being sore and in pain was no big deal.  Boy, was I wrong about this pain.  It was so bad that at one point, I couldn’t lift my arm over my head and had to wear a sling!

Of course, I finally got diagnosed, but no way was I going to get surgery. And I got sick from having cortisone shots. So my search for a natural treatment began.

Zyflamend and Cissus Pro 1000 are the two supplements that healed me. I was able to get back my range of motion back and be pain-free.

Zyflamend Versus Cissus Pro 1000



Heal Rotator Cuff Injury With Natural Supplements

I heard about Zyflamend by doing an internet search. I saw online reviews where people described how this supplement helped with various health issues: bodybuilders and athletes with sports injuries. Older people with knee and hip issues, some having had operations.

Zyflamend is excellent for inflammation and joints. It’s non-GMO, with all-natural ingredients ( turmeric, holy basil, organic oregano, Chinese skullcap, organic green tea, ginger, Chinese goldthread, Hu Zhang, barberry, rosemary). **Some people say Zyflamend upsets the stomach, so take two capsules to test your stomach. I never had this problem. I suggest testing with a small dosage to see if it upsets your stomach, which can happen if you take large dosages or for an extended period. Don’t take this or the product below for more than two months before taking a break for four days to two weeks and then start again. Start slowlyAlso, Zyflamend is available in two capsule sizes. The tiny caps were easier to swallow than the big capsules.



Heal Rotator Cuff Injury With Natural Supplements

Cissus Pro 1000 ( Cissus Quadrangularis is a plant extract), great for tendons, ligaments, and joints. It’s the only Cissus extract product that’s made with veggie caps.


Both of these natural supplements were used together to speed up healing.

My Dosing

In the beginning, I took 8-10 Zyflamend twice a day for two weeks before I noticed a big difference (in three days, I saw small changes).   Then I also added  6 Cissus twice a day. My healing was fast-tracked by combining both supplements.  Mind you, this is not the recommended dosage for either of these supplements, but I was in horrible pain. Plus, I was firm about not getting any more horrible cortisone shots that made me sick for two days. I’m not a fan of masking the pain with a shot and not being able to feel the body’s natural responses. That leads to re-injury due to people pushing the body harder and not letting the body heal.

Timeline for Healing Progress

Taking Zyflamend and Cissus led to complete healing. Of course, it took time, but I was healed!

  • Three Days. Pain lessened.
  • Two Weeks. Pain decreased by 50%.
  • One Month. I was able to take off my sling.
  • Two Months. I stopped taking it for four days.
  • Three Months. I felt a big difference like my shoulder was on the mend.
  • Four Months. I stopped taking for one week; then, I cut my dosage in half when I resumed taking again. My range of motion went back to normal. I could lift my arm over my head.
  • Six Months. I start taking a regular dosage of both products. I could do light-medium arm exercises with 10 lb. dumbbell weights. (When I injured myself, I was lifting 2o lbs overhead).
  • Eight Months. I stopped taking both products. I was completely healed and could do some push-ups again.

Additional Healing Tips 

  • Rest, don’t work out too soon after injury!
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Do physical therapy rehab exercises to avoid getting frozen shoulder. ) I went to therapy twice a week and did the recommended exercises at home
  • Get a sports massage every week.
  • Use Tiger Balm to ease the pain.
  • Get ART( Active Release Techniques) therapy to break up scar tissue (Done by specially certified  chiropractors–pro athletes get this done.) I went to three sessions for one month.
  • Get plenty of sunshine to activate D3, which helps heal the body.
  • Take a D3 supplement.