Health Awareness Week. Jump Rope Workout. Monday Day 1


Health Awareness Week Day 1 Jump Rope Workout


Health Awareness week. Yes, it’s that time! Every day this week, I will be highlighting some helpful health tips to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle. On Wednesday, I’m excited to have a blog round-up post featuring some of the top health, wellness, and food experts.  So make sure to visit every day to see a new tip. I will be featuring great tips



What is great for your cardiovascular health? Great for your legs? Great for your arms? Great for Abs? Is great for kids? And…is a must-do for pro boxers??

JUMPING ROPE!! Yes, a Jump Rope Workout Rocks!!


If you are up for doing a jump rope workout challenge with other readers and me, please let me know. Send me a video or pictures of you jumping rope every day for good health!!!


Why You Should Jump Rope:

  1. It’s an excellent whole-body workout you can do almost anywhere: At home, at the gym, in the parking lot on your lunch break at work
  2. Cheap, cheap, cheap! You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on workout equipment. A good jump rope costs under $20
  3. It’s a great way to bump up your regular exercise routine. I do 70 -80 skips in between each interval set of my 45-minute workout, usually totaling 350 on average.
  4. Great as a part of a quick workout routine. If I’m in a time crunch and need a quick workout, I do three sets of 100 skips alternating with three sets of 20 squats.
  5. According to WebMD, jumping rope burns more calories than an eight-minute mile run!



For Newbies Getting Started:



  • Watch a YouTube video on proper form and technique. This video shows a quick jump rope workout demo above that I like.
  • Start by doing just 10-20 skips at the beginning of your exercise routine.
  • Make tending to your health fun and involve the family.
  • Get your kids jump ropes and jump rope with them.


My favorite jump rope workout routines (for advanced exercisers):

Health Awareness Week Health Plus Lifestyle Jump Rope Workout

Whew, I’m in between doing a set of 100 skips!




Basic Jump Rope Circuit

100 Jump rope skips

20 squats

20 lunges

20 hop frogs


Repeat five times


Jump Rope, Arms Plus


60 jump rope skips

12 bicep curls

12 tricep dips

12 side arm raises

50 backward jump rope skips



Repeat four times


Jump Rope Frenzy


50 jump rope skips

25 standing knee lifts

50 side to side jump rope skips

20 side oblique arm lifts (standing)

50 backward jump rope skips


Repeat four times


Bonus Jump RopeWorkout  Fitness Tips

Health Awareness Week Day 1 Jump Rope Workout


  • Keep a health and fitness routine journal to chart your progress.


  • Advanced health and fitness enthusiasts: Join a boxing gym and do the boxing drills the pro boxers do to get extra tight abs. Boxers typically jump rope for an hour, and that’s why their abs are like steel.


  • Don’t jump rope on the driveway or concrete. That’s too much stress on the joints.


  • Make sure to buy the right type of jump rope. The jump ropes at my gym were too short, and the handles were hard for me to hold me, so I bought one with thicker handles. Look at my picture to see the rope I use.


  • To avoid fitness and exercise injuries, make sure to wear shoes when jumping rope for proper heel and arch support. One of my yoga friends that usually doesn’t do gym workouts or wear tennis shoes hurt her ankle when attempting to jump rope in bare feet.