Health Awareness Week

Health Plus Lifestyle Health Awareness Week Meditation Benefits


Health Awareness Week. Every day this week, I will be highlighting some helpful health tips to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle. Yesterday, I talked about physical fitness. Click here to read. Wednesday will have a blog round-up post featuring some of the top health, wellness, and food experts.  Today it’s time to focus on the mind, body, and spirit connection–specifically meditation benefits for health.

I used to be a gym rat, very much addicted to lifting heavy weights. While I still go to the gym, just not as frequently as before, I have found that daily meditation is more important than pumping iron to have good health.


Tuesday Day 2

Mind and Spirit Connection

Daily meditation and one quiet day a week are great for your mind and spirit. It will restore and boost health.


Meditation Benefits

Recently I ran into a friend, and they asked about my meditation practice. I told them I meditated 2-3 times a day. And they commented how difficult that was, and I was much better than they were. They had a hard time meditating, and they wish they could get deep into like me.


Ahh, lots of people say how hard meditation is. But it really isn’t. There is not a perfect way to meditate. It’s about training your mind to slow down and sit and be quiet. Meditation is a great way to have good health and balance the mind.

Some meditation teachers say you should meditate for at least 30 minutes. I feel that you should go with your natural flow. You don’t have to meditate for a long time. I meditate 2-3 times a day, starting with a simple, quick meditation of the Five Things I’m Grateful for that day. And I do this in the morning and at night.



Gratitude Meditation Prayer

Health Plus Lifestyle Health Awareness Week Meditation Benefits

After meditation at Belle Rock, AZ


First thing in the morning, close your eyes and say aloud or to yourself the five things you are grateful to have. They can be small things. Or simple things. The meditation benefits are great for your mind and spirit.


  • Being thankful that you woke up
  • Being thankful for soft sheets
  • Being thankful the kids are sleeping at grandma’s house for the weekend
  • Being thankful for the sun streaming through the window
  • Being thankful for good health

Repeat the morning ritual when you go to bed.

As you do this morning and night, you will find that five things turn into six things, ten things, and so on. And you find yourself being grateful during the day in between the morning and night.

As you go throughout each day, you will smile and say thanks for small things. “I’m thankful for the nice waitress at the restaurant.” I’m thankful that I avoided hitting that car at the stoplight.” I’m thankful that that bothersome co-worker I work with was more helpful today.”

Basic Meditation While Sitting

In terms of meditating while you’re sitting on the floor (you don’t have to be in the lotus position), for 15 minutes or longer, focus on slow breathing. All meditation should be focused on the breath.  You can also imagine energy hovering on top of your head, then going down the body and then back up. Slight pausing on the inhalation can relax you more. Medical studies show that slow breathing helps treat insomnia, heart disease, and other ailments. I do a longer 20-30 meditation once a day.

Walking in Nature Meditation

Health Plus Lifestyle Health Awareness Week Meditation Benefits

Me doing a tree meditation at Mt. Shasta, CA


Also, do a walking meditation where you take a walk and touch the trees, feeling their energy. Just close your eyes, and feel the wind blow, hear the birds, focus on the sounds that connect you to the Divine power. I love doing this type of meditation in the spring and summer. The meditation benefits for health are great!


Take a Day or Half Day of Silence

Unplug from the world. This means:

  • No talking
  • No Facebook or Twitter
  • No computers
  • No cellphones
  • No TV (You won’t die if you miss an episode of Game of Thrones)
  • No radio
  • No work


Just be by yourself. Make love…to yourself. Look in the mirror and smile. Laugh even. Tell yourself how special and great you are. Say it silently or aloud. Your health and peace of mind starts inwardly with loving and appreciating who you are, highlighting your strengths, acknowledging your flaws, and working on the areas you want to improve.

Write in a journal. Yes, write with that long thing with ink in it. That’s called a pen. And that thin sheet with lines on it, that’s called paper. They aren’t obsolete. Studies show that writing in cursive on paper is better for the brain and increases creativity. I have some friends with kids that are autistic and have Downs Syndrome. They say cursive writing helps their kids greatly. So if you are working on a book, writing poetry, creating an invention, making a musical arrangement, give paper and pen a try.

Take a walk in nature. Let the trees, birds, sun, and wind restore your mind with their songs and caresses. Nature is nurturing. The trees have open arms, touch a limb, or hug a tree. The birds possess all songs of love and bliss. The wind will carry all your worries away. And the sun activates vitamin D to heal your body.


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