Health Benefits of Juicing


Health Benefits of Juicing. Juicing has been a dominating process in the alternative health lifestyle for centuries now; the process refers to the extraction and consumption of the liquid essence from fruits, vegetables, grass and grains. When fruits and vegetables are in their concentrated liquid form, they are more nutritious; in fact, the concentrated juice holds up to 10 times more nutritional value than the whole food. In its liquid form, these fruits and vegetables are also easier to absorb and digest.

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Health Benefits of Juicing

Basics of Juicing

  1. Always use organic fruit and vegetables
  2. Use lemon in all your juices, it’s a natural preservative that will make juice last longer. Lemon also is good for digestion, a sore throat, high in potassium(which is good for heart health), and high in vitamin C
  3. Don’t keep juice for more than three days to insure maximum freshness


 The Many Health Benefits of Juicing:

  • Strengthen Immunity: The infusion of vitamins, minerals and enzymes can help jumpstart tired metabolism, enhance depleted energy, increase alkalinity and strengthen the immune system.
  • Detoxes Internal Toxins: One of the many benefits of consuming freshly extracted juice is the ability to detox internal toxins. Regular detoxing can enhance the integrity of the GI tract while keeping the core in balance.
  • Wards off Illness: Juicing wards off illnesses and shortens recovery time because your stronger immune system is more resistant to negative attacks.
  • Eliminates the Need for Synthetic Vitamins: Juicing regularly can eliminate the need for synthetic vitamins and other supplements because concentrated juice contains everything you need to promote optimal health.

How to Juice:

  • Get the Right Equipment: Effective juicing first starts with the right equipment. While there are many options available, the best results come from using slow masticating juicers because they have the ability to completely extract the juice from fibrous fruits, vegetables, grass and grain. This type of juicer doesn’t produce a lot of heat. And heat destroys the vital nutrients which is what you don’t want for your juice.
  • Drink Juice 20 Minutes Before you Eat: You can juice anytime throughout the day, but for optimal absorbency it’s recommended to drink juice on an empty stomach at least 20 minutes before you eat. Juicing before you eat also encourages the growth of healthy bacteria.
  • What to Juice: There are many different juice combinations to try that includes a mixture of fruits, vegetables, grasses, nuts, grains, spices and herbs. Research to find juice recipes, and when you become more comfortable, invent your own combinations.


My favorite Juice Recipes

Health Benefits of Juicing


High Blood Pressure Juice

I don’t have high blood pressure and use this juice as a preventive measure.  I juice once a week and with this juice recipe:

  • 2-3 small beets
  • 1 cup of spinach
  • 1 large carrot
  • 1 lemon

Immune System Tonic

This is good for an energy boost and preventing colds.

  • 1 large carrot
  • 2 cups of spinach
  • 6-8 garlic cloves
  •  1-2 lemons

I have an Omega juicer and it’s one of the best slow masticating juicers on the market, but it’s such a pain to assemble and wash. So I will often buy freshly prepared organic juice from a local health food store to get all the health benefits of juicing without the mess of cleaning my juicer.

Detox Smoothie

I recently stopped by Harvest Moon Natural Market and tried a delicious detox smoothie that had these ingredients:  kale, spinach, pineapple, avocado, almond butter, almond milk, hemp seed, vegan protein powder, spirulina, and flax seed oil. Woo, hoo! I had so much energy after drinking this great smoothie.

Enjoy these great juicing recipes and drink your way to great health!