Home Remedies Made From Household Items 

Home Remedies Made From Household Items. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably a bit weary of the typical store bought cures and remedies for common ailments. If it’s not the price that steers you away, it’s the questionable ingredients.


Aside from being ridiculously expensive, the FDA sometimes puts in place regulations that don’t require companies to list its “trade secrets,” or in other words, potentially harmful ingredients.


I’m more of a natural kind of person. I like knowing what goes in my body. I don’t like worrying about questionably harmful ingredients. So finding home remedies made from household items was the way for me to go.


A lot of common ailments can actually be cured, if not at least helped, by common household, natural items. Here’s a few home remedies made from household items you can use at your home!


Stinky Feet

Home Remedies Made From Household Items


While not entirely medical, this problem can sure be a nuisance. Let’s fix that:

–       Take a bottle of vodka (yes, vodka.)

–       Blot some on a clean, dry towel

–       Rub all over feet until dry.

The alcohol in the vodka kills any germs, and due to alcohol’s physical properties, it dries much faster than water leaving feet dry and germ-free.


Colds and Congestion

Home Remedies Made From Household Items

This are two of my favorite home remedies. You may like it on your hot dogs, but mustard can do wonders for clearing your head. Two methods of this are:

Mustard Foot Bath

Home Remedies Made From Household Items

–       Get a hold of some mustard powder, and 1 liter of hot water

–       Mix the two together in a large tub or bucket, and soak your feet.

Mustard Paste

–       Get some mustard seeds, and grind them to a pulp with some water

–       Grind until you have a paste like consistency

–       Apply to the upper chest and neck area, no longer than 15 minutes

Mustard’s smell acts as a decongestant, and the mustard itself draws blood to the area, relieving you of cold related aches and pains.


Bacterial infections

Whether on the surface or within, battling bacterial infections with prescription drugs is not always the best choice. Prescription drugs, while sometimes beneficial for very aggressive infections, sometimes do more harm than good – they can kill the good bacteria within us.


Drugs can also help contribute to drug-resistant bacteria. a very serious problem humanity is now facing. Help battle these negatives by taking natural antibiotics like garlic!

Garlic as an Antibiotic

Home Remedies Made From Household Items


–       Start with two to four raw cloves of garlic

–       Crush the garlic, and expose it to air for ten minutes

At this point, you can either eat it like so, or make it into a few concoctions:

Garlic Punch (sounds bad, but trust me it works)

–       4 raw, crushed cloves of garlic

–       two tomatoes

–       one lemon

Throw those in a juicer, and there you go! It doesn’t taste bad at all. If you don’t have a juicer, throw all the ingredients, plus anything else you can imagine, into a blender and create a delicious antibacterial soup!


A quick search online can reveal hundreds of other home remedies for numerous ailments. The key is to try  home remedies made from household items to find out what works best for you. Living a natural life is so beneficial, many people don’t even know it until they see it.


This post was written by Eric Kneff in association with Doctors Imaging, a medical imaging service in New Orleans, Louisiana.