Make Skin Healthier By Changing Lifestyle 

Make Skin Healthier by Changing Lifestyle.Sure, as we get older our skin isn’t going to look the same as it did when we were in our teens. But why is it that some men and women grow old with grace and skin that belies their age by a good couple of decades, and the rest of us seem to be cursed with deep wrinkles, and dull, sagging skin? Are these people in league with the devil, and if so, where do we sign?

Luckily for you, we’ve discovered a few skincare secrets that will make skin healthier and help you immensely. All it really takes is a little common sense and dedication.

Fall in Love

Make Your Skin Healthier By Changing Lifestyle


Make skin healthier by changing your lifestyle and great things will happen in the relationship department. This is a great motivation for getting out there and finding your other half – healthy skin makes you look younger. A happy relationship can increase the blood flow to the skin, providing skin cells with nutrients and oxygen that gives us a glow. This glow will help attract the love of your life. That’s enough of a reason for you to head to a speed dating event!

Clean up Your Diet

Make Your Skin Healthier By Changing Lifestyle

Make skin healthier by changing your lifestyle and being careful of what you eat. You are what you eat, or so they say. So if your diet is mainly comprised of processed foods like hamburgers and pizza, how can you expect your skin to shine? Here are a few of the foods that you should include, or avoid:

  • INCLUDE: Dark leafy greens, such as spinach and broccoli, are nature’s cleansers. The antioxidants in these vegetables will cleanse your skin from the inside out.
  • AVOID: Caffeine. It’s a diuretic, so will dehydrate you, making your skin dry too.
  • INCLUDE: Berries. Fruits high in Vitamin C can help your skin to produce collagen, keeping it firm. And of course, the vitamin is vital in avoiding scurvy…
  • AVOID: Sugar. This can be a cause of breakouts, so to keep your skin spot free, cut down on your intake.
  • INCLUDE: Plenty of water. Keeping your skin hydrated is vital in keeping it supple.


Protect Yourself From the Sun

As Baz Luhrmann says in his famous song: “Wear sunscreen.” Neglecting to look after your skin in this way can do more than just age you – it can cause severe health problems, including cancer. A golden tan may look good now, but what you can’t see until it’s too late is the damage that lying on a sunbed or a beach is doing to your skin. Get your tan out of a bottle, or embrace the pale look – you’ll thank yourself later.

Quit Smoking

Make Skin Healthier By Changing Lifestyle

There are so many ways that smoking affects your skin that we haven’t the space to mention them all in this article. However, here are a few reasons to quit:

  • Psoriasis. Your chances of developing the scaly skin condition can be doubled, depending on how long you’ve been smoking.
  • Wrinkles. Because smoking has an adverse effect on your blood supply, your skin is less supple than a non-smokers. On average, you’ll look 1.4 years older if you smoke.
  • Scars. That adverse effect on your blood supply can make it harder for your body to heal wounds, too, leading to bigger and redder scars than if you hadn’t ever smoked.
  • Stretch marks. Nicotine damages the skin’s connective tissue and causes it to lose elasticity, making stretch marks more likely.


Make Skin Healthier By Changing Lifestyle

Want to get rid of all of those toxins from junk food and cigarettes? Go for a run. Exercise flushes out toxin from the skin by improving circulation, which also increases the oxygen and nutrients in your skin. This can help your skin to produce collagen, keeping it supple. It can even help to unclog your pores.

Natural Skin Care Treatments

  • Coconut oil is great for dry skin and scalp
  • Baking soda is a good exfoliant
  • Sea salt helps treat psoriasis
  • An oatmeal and cucumber mask is good for acne (Other home remedies here)


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