My Beef with Vegetarians and Food Combining for Good Health 

My beef with vegetarians is not exactly what you think  🙂 Read further for details about this and some great info about food combining for good health. A few readers emailed wanting to know the best way to eat. I’m happy to share my regular diet however; everyone should eat what’s best for their body type. Maybe my way of eating won’t work well for you.

You will never hear me saying that you should be a vegetarian  to achieve good health or all meat consumption is a bad. That doesn’t work for everyone. Even the Dalai Lama eats meat sometimes due to a medical condition and he’s a monk and not supposed to eat meat!

In a nutshell: I’m former vegan that now eats a diet consisting primarily of vegetables and fish. Later I will go into more detail about one of my most important eating habits.

My Diet

My Beef with Vegetarians and Food Combining for Good Health

I’m a salad type of girl 🙂


  • I don’t drink soft drinks or commercial fruit juices
  • I drink water and herbal tea without sugar (about half a gallon or more)
  • I eat salmon 2-3 times a week
  • I eat salads five days a week
  • I eat two large portions of raw and lightly steamed vegetables everyday
  • I eat 90% organic food
  • I rarely eat bread and pork
  • I occasionally eat chicken
  • I don’t drink milk, yogurt, or eat soy
  • I rarely eat cheese and dairy
  • I take probiotics, eat kefir, & drink kombucha
  • I eat prunes frequently
  • I do have a sweet tooth and eat sweets on the weekend


My Beef with Vegetarians (Pun Intended)—Not All of Them, Just the Zealots

My Beef with Vegetarians and Food Combining for Good Health

When I read some vegetarians that are health experts and food bloggers condemn meat eaters I cringe. Some of the comments are quite harsh. Instead of promoting a way of eating in a friendly, engaging manner, the opposite happens when meat eaters feel attacked. I never post a reply for fear of starting a vegetarian VS meat eater Internet Civil War.

I would love to have some great conversations with these bloggers discussing the pros and cons on both sides. We don’t have to agree with each other to have open dialogue about eating to have good health.  

There are primarily two reasons for being vegetarian being touted on these blogs, other than for religious reasons:

Number 1: “It’s not ethical to kill animals.”

I would have loved to post this in response:  Animals kill other animals for food that’s the way nature works. There should be a balance in how many animals are killed to make sure that animals don’t become extinct, animals being fed naturally, and being cared for humanly before killing.

 If everyone were vegetarians and ate all of plants on earth then that wouldn’t be balanced. The animals that are vegetarian would starve. Furthermore, biology points to the fact that humans are not strictly vegetable eaters, as evidenced by the type of teeth we have and our digestive system.


 Number 2: Being a vegetarian is healthier.”

Not necessarily. Years ago I was a vegan and found myself to be too gaunt and skinny. Like I pointed out earlier about the Dalai Lama’s flexible diet—it depends on your body and individual health needs. Though I think eating a mostly plant based diet is healthier than eating a meat based diet. I know some strict vegans that don’t eat meat or eggs but frequently eat French fries and soft drinks. That is so unhealthy!     


My Beef with Vegetarians and Food Combining for Good Health

Umm…That hamburger isn’t healthy!

Everyone may not be okay with being on a vegetarian diet. There can be a balance between being vegetarian and being a meat eater. I favor eating a diet consisting of 80 percent vegetables to achieve that healthy balance. It’s all about eating the healthiest way for your body’s needs.


My Most Important Eating Habit: Food Combining

My Beef with Vegetarians and Food Combining for Good Health

My favorite fruit!


My most important daily food habit is to eat fruit BY ITSELF first thing in the morning after I drink 6-8 ounces of water, then WAIT 30 minutes before eating other meat or vegetables. I drink 8 ounces of hot water in an extra-large tea bowl, with a tablespoon of fresh organic turmeric powder and fresh squeezed organic lemon juice. I usually eat a large organic navel orange—my favorite. Or, a mix of kiwi, raspberries, and blueberries. Occasionally bananas. Then after 30 minutes I will eat a piece of baked salmon with a salad with organic tomatoes, avocado, and onions. I top it with a homemade dressing made of: flaxseed, chia seeds, pine nuts, and almonds.

I read about eating fruit by itself and other food combining techniques years  ago in a book called Fit for Life by the then married couple, Harvey Diamond and Marilyn Diamond. They cured themselves of debilitating health conditions by changing how they combined foods. The book is based on Natural Hygiene teachings by Dr. Tilden that were done in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Food combining is about improper food combining such as eating meat with starch not being good for health.

 Some Food Combining Basics

The enzymes that break down starch cancel the enzymes that break down meat. That food sits in your gut taking days to break down which causes digestive issues and promotes disease in the body. That’s why you feel lethargic after eating steak and potatoes. However, if you eat starches separately from meat you avoid this feeling. If you don’t believe me test it for yourself. Eat a steak with veggies and you will find that you won’t feel sleepy.

Fruit is not to be eaten after dinner as a dessert, only at the beginning of day after you drink a glass of water. I have found that eating this way gives me more energy, has a cleaning effect on my body, and gives me frequent bowel movements. Having regular bowel movements is essential to flushing toxins out of the body. I have two to three movements a day just from drinking lots of water and eating fruit and vegetables.

Bonus Health Tips

I recently read about two tips for cutting down fat and helping combat cholesterol by combining foods.  One is to add oats to hamburger to cut calories and cholesterol.  The other, is to add an avocado slice to a burger to cut down the fat. This tip is based on a UCLA study in 2012 on avocados boosting vascular health.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I will delve into the Blood Type diet and portion control

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