Natural Cancer Treatments Part 1


**Updated October 2021**

My personal experiences with cancer have been from my mother’s battle with it. She chose conventional medicine methods for treatment. I remember mom dealing with IV bags, chemotherapy, radiation treatments, throwing up, loss of appetite, soiled diapers, and paper-thin skin. It was a painful way to transition into physical death. She battled cancer hard but died from (ALL) acute lymphocytic leukemia. Before I delve into natural cancer treatments, let me tell you briefly about my mom’s battle with cancer.  Check out part 2 of Natural Cancer Treatments, where I list medical doctors’ recommendations for natural cancer treatments.


Should Mom do Natural Cancer Treatments?

Natural Cancer Treatments Part 1

My wonderful mom. Miss you so much, mommy.

Soon after mom’s cancer diagnosis, I told a friend of mine what was going on. My friend had cured herself of cervical cancer with natural cancer treatments consisting of juicing, a vegan diet, herbs, and weekly colonics. She suggested that mom start juicing and stop chemotherapy, but doing these things wouldn’t work for my mom.

Seven years before the cancer diagnosis, my mom adopted a significant lifestyle change. She ate healthier, exercised, lost more than 50 pounds, and stopped smoking for four years (having smoked for most of her life). But my mom was diabetic and had high blood pressure. Also, a few years back, she had sepsis from bad kidneys and almost died. My mom was used to going to doctors every week. She trusted conventional medicine and taking lots of medication, though her medications had decreased from lifestyle changes.

Natural Cancer Treatments Part 1

She wouldn’t be comfortable juicing all the time, even with me encouraging her to do it. The chemotherapy and radiation took away her appetite, and most foods made her sick to the stomach upon smelling them.

Unlike cervical cancer, leukemia is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow and is treated differently than all the other types of cancer. It’s not like you can drain all your blood to cure it.

I wasn’t going to tell my mom to quit all chemo and just juice due to her bad health history. Mom asked if I would do chemo and if she should do it, and I told her to do what she felt was best. It was not my place to tell her what I would do, especially since my body is different from hers. I’m healthy and wouldn’t do chemo, and I think she knew that.

Mom fought cancer for three years because she had gotten healthier years before, with me encouraging her to drink more water, exercise, and change her diet. And her primary care doctor supervised her diet, inspired by The Zone. She would have died quicker had she not been on a healthy track.

A dedicated team of doctors teated my mom at Emory Hospital in Atlanta. But I often wonder could she have overcome cancer by trying natural cancer treatments.


Cancer takes many years to grow to the point that it shows up on tests. Cancer is prevalent because of the number of processed food people in the USA eat, lack of exercise in a population full of morbidly obese people, and pollution. GMOs in our food chain mess with the microbial content of the soil, and the proper balance of microbes is what makes food nutritious and healing for humans and animals. Now, scientists are growings plants injected with vaccines. And in Japan, Crispr gene-edited tomatoes are being sold to consumers. Tampering with the natural process of growing food has adverse effects on humans and the planet.


Here are some natural and alternative cancer treatments. Some information includes clinical studies. Research, email the people referenced, and draw your conclusions.

Natural and Alternative Treatments for Cancer


Cannabis Oil

Natural Cancer Treatments Part 1

Cannabis oil (CBD oil) has also proved quite effective in controlling prostate cancer. This oil, obtained from a plant called Cannabis Sativa, has relieved pain, caused tumors to shrink, and improved sleep.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not new information. Studies had been done on mice in the 1970s about the effect of cannabis on shrinking certain cancer tumors, as highlighted on Human clinical trials are published in The British Journal of Cancer.


CBD Oil From Hemp Shanti Atlanta

CBD Oil from Hemp

There are different types of CBD oil.  Cannabis Sativa is a type of marijuana plant that has THC and will get you high.  Hemp comes from the fiber of the plant and WON’T get you high. CBD oil from hemp is being used effectively for cancer and menstrual pain, diabetes, and other ailments.


Rick Simpson Oil (Cannabis-Marijuana Oil)

Rick Simpson Oil is a cannabis (marijuana) oil recipe developed by Rick Simpson that many people have used to treat and cure cancer.

Side Note: As of July 2021,  marijuana is legal for adults in 18 states and Washington, D.C., and medical marijuana is legal in 37. I urge you to look up your state law for specifics. I’m not telling you to break any laws.  For instance, you have to get a medical prescription to buy marijuana from a dispensary in California. My California friends say that it isn’t hard to get a prescription from their primary care doctor.

From Rick Simpson’s site: Rick Simpson Oil is from the Indica or Indica dominant strains of the Cannabis plant (which relaxes and makes you sleepy) because it contains a high level of THC.  In contrast, the Sativa strain energizes you. Rick doesn’t sell this oilYou can’t buy it anywhere, though you will see many sites that sell it. He recommends making the oil yourself to control the quality and effectiveness of the product. Rick has the FREE recipe on his website. Read the FAQ carefully on how to chose the strains and other items needed to make the oil.  There is also dosage information on the site. He’s not trying to make money off of the treatment; he wants all people to know to cure themselves of cancer.

In this video, Rick explains how to make it.


Baking Soda

Natural Cancer Treatments Part 1


Baking Soda for Treating Breast and Prostate Cancers

In 2012, Dr. Mark Pagel of the University of Arizona Cancer Center was awarded 2 million dollars to study the effects of baking soda on breast cancer. Here are the results of his research that “suggest that treatment with
sodium bicarbonate solutions(0.2 M or higher) had cytotoxic effect on the Caco-2 cells, but
the exact mechanism of action needs further exploration.”


I came across Vernon’s YouTube video and saw that he used baking soda as part of his natural cancer treatment. He was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer (terminal) that had metastasized to the bones, and Vernon says baking soda and molasses cured him.

Cancer cells require acidic surroundings to thrive and multiply. If the micro-environment of the body can be controlled with an alkalizing compound, then the growth and spread of the disease can be stopped to a large extent. If baking soda or sodium bicarbonate can be delivered very close to the tumor by injection, it’s thought to be a better solution than administering it orally.


Baking Soda recipe:

1 cup of water

2 teaspoons of baking soda

1 teaspoon of molasses


Check out his YouTube demonstrating the recipe:


Black Seed Oil– Nigella Sativa aka (Black Cumin)

Black Seed Oil Cancer Treatment

Black seed oil has been used for many centuries to treat a variety of ailments, including cancer, asthma, and kidney problems. The seeds of the plant are used as a spice in many countries. Many people who live in countries outside the U.S. take the seeds with honey, sprinkle seeds in food, or take the oil. I have used the oil internally and externally as a cancer preventive, grow hair, decrease gray hair, and improve overall health tonic. It’s bitter, so I mix it with some organic fruit juice.

If you go to Google Scholar, you will see numerous studies showing that Black seed oil is effective against various types of cancer cells in vitro; one study shows it inactivates MCF-7 breast cancer cells.  Check out the mutation and molecular research here. Studies also show it shrinks various types of cancer tumors in rats in the laboratory. This HPB Journal study shows the effect on pancreatic cancer cells, and this study shows it works against pancreatic cancer cells.

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