Natural Disasters Happening Now

Shanti Atlanta Natural Disasters



          There are many natural disasters happening nowWhy Are The Recent Natural Disasters Happening Now?

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                                                                            Harvey. Irma. Jose. Maria.


Hurricanes that quickly came one after the other. Wildfires in California. Three earthquakes in Mexico within four weeks. Mudslides in Africa.


There are many events like this that have happened all over the world. You will see more of these so-called “natural events” due to climate change.


But these really are UNnatural events caused by the UNnatural practices of humans.


When we keep taking things out of the earth and not putting anything back in, what do you expect to

happen? The earth is a living organism trying to purge the tumors that we have created in her body. It’s only natural for the Earth to react this way by producing natural disasters happening now. It’s time for us to restore her natural rhythm and balance.


Shanti Atlanta Natural disasters

Track Natural Disasters Happening Now

Scientific Reports

Worldwide earthquake data

on this U.S. government



NASA—climate change,

rising global temperatures,

and increased storm

intensity here:


Free government report on climate change.

It says that most climate change is caused by humans


Prepare For Natural Disasters Happening Now

Survival Preparedness Kit

Shanti Atlanta Natural Disasters


Be prepared. Low-income families will especially be affected since they can’t afford to relocate to another state, or stock up on the necessary items to be prepared. That’s why it’s so important to work together as a community and share essential items.


After Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, most people have no electricity, Internet, cell phone service, access to a car, and access to medical care. A few of my friends were fortunate to be able to rent private planes to bring supplies to Puerto Rico and pick up loved ones.


If you can’t evacuate from your home plan to live as if you are living in the 1800s, so to speak. If you know a Boy Scout, someone in the military, or someone that lives off-grid, the time is now for you to get one-on-one lessons on how to survive in emergency situations.

Items Needed:

Shanti Atlanta Natural Disasters

Ham Radio

Shanti Atlanta Natural Disasters

Magnesium flint to start a fire, use wet or dry

  1. Power Generator (gas or propane to run)

Highest rated one on Amazon

  1. Bottled water supply for 3-6 months. You need approximately 1 gallon per person, for each day.
  2. Magnesium flint to start a fire without matches.
  3. 2 Full-sized First Aid kits, with advanced care items included.
  4. Canned food. Or preserve/can your own healthy food in mason jars. (Will tell you how in the next blog post.)
  5. NOAA Weather Radio or a HAM radio. A HAM radio (most under$200), allows you to be able to connect with people across the world without relying on the Internet or a cellphone. You have direct communication with public agencies, police, military, hospitals, etc. You need a license (approx. $40), to use it. Puerto Rico has several HAM operators assisting people in trouble. Read about it here



The Vedic Solution to Climate Change

Shanti Atlanta Natural Disasters

There is a way to combat climate change, and that is with the Vedic science practice of Agnihotra meditation. An individual and community can be a part of lessening the effects of pollution without relying on the government and companies. Some of us are looking for solutions for what is going on with the planet from the government or companies that sell goods we use. And of course, these entities are making some changes. But enough isn’t being done to help our ailing planet.

Never underestimate the power you have to make changes with what you do every day. Doing Agnihotra every day has been scientifically proven to reverse the effects of pollution. It cleans the air, purifies water, reverses plant disease, and much more. And you can do this in the comfort of your home with your entire family, including the kids. Agnihotra even reversed plant disease in a portion of the Amazon Rain Forest! Yes, this Vedic Science is true. There are numerous studies that have been done on Agnihotra and Homa Therapy that prove the great benefits for Earth. Google Scholar has numerous scientific worldwide studies listed. Check out the studies Google Scholar


Shanti News

Shanti Atlanta Natural Disasters



We are pleased to announce that Shanti’s Ayurveda Golden Nectar Plant Food is being sold at the Ancient Awakenings store located in Woodstock, GA


Shanti Atlanta is open now, located in Conyers, GA. Dee Doanes is the caretaker of the retreat center. She will be having weekly events open to the public including Shakti-Women’s circle, Vedic science workshops, Full Moon ceremonies, spiritual jewelry making classes with Audrey White, and weekend retreats


Shanti Villa Institute in Tuskegee, AL will be reopening its Health Clinic. They will be offering FIR Heat treatments, massage, and other healing modalities done by Asabi Hunter and Ayurveda practitioners.

Shanti Villa Institute will be doing a revitalization of its 15-acre Homa farm in 2018, upgrading buildings, and building new structures to better serve Tuskegee and visitors from all over the world.

Sri Charles has received state resolutions from The Georgia House of Representatives and Alabama State Senate for being an expert in Agnihotra (Homa Therapy).



Find out more about Agnihotra and ways to combat climate change, contact:

Tuskegee, AL

Environmentalist and Homa Therapy Expert, Sri Charles Davis of Shanti Villa Institute.

Atlanta, GA

Environmentalist and Agnihotra instructor, Dee Doanes of Shanti Atlanta (an extension of Shanti Villa Institute): 404-487-8156

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Shanti Atlanta Natural Disasters

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Shanti Atlanta Natural Disasters

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