Natural Sciatica Pain Relief Remedies


Natural Sciatica Pain Relief Remedies. If you’re finding yourself battling a case of sciatica with relentless pain down your leg you are not alone and there is hope of feeling normal again.  Sciatica is a common type of pain affecting the sciatic nerve, a large nerve extending from the lower back down the back of each leg. There are natural remedies for sciatica pain and typically you are encouraged to seek out these options before resorting to back surgery.


Step 1: Reduce Inflammation

Natural sciatica pain relief remedies are good to try. Typically with a new injury there will be a lot of inflammation and there are different ways of reducing it.  It is important to reduce swelling because this swelling will put more pressure on your sciatic nerve that is already being pinched.

Cold is Your First Defense

Apply cold compress for 10 to 15 minutes every hour or two throughout the day.

  • If you are diagnosed with Piriformis Syndrome, apply ice to your buttocks area.  Piriformis Syndrome is a condition in which the piriformis muscle, located in the area of the buttocks, spasms and causes pain
  • If you are diagnosed with a bulging disc in your lower back, then apply the cold compress on your lower back where the injury originates.


Step 2: Low Impact Exercise

Resting is important when recovering from a new injury, however, it is also important to do low impact activities like walking or light swimming.


Low impact activity is important for two things: 

  • First, movement is what you’re discs and tissues need to exchange fluids and nutrients that are important for function and healing.
  • Secondly, movement reduces swelling, so in turn, you will feel less stiffness and will have some relief from sciatica pain.


Step 3: Important Stretches for Sciatica Pain Relief

Other natural sciatica pain relief remedies include this:  If you have been diagnosed with Piriformis Syndrome or a bulging disc in your lower back, no matter the case, these stretches are important for sciatica pain relief.


The first stretch is going to target your piriformis muscle in your buttocks and the second stretch is going to encourage your bulging disc to retract.

To get into position to stretch your piriformis muscle, get down on all fours.  Take the affected leg and cross it over your other leg then begin to bring your back leg further away from you to lower your hips down.  Always keep your back straight by keeping your upper body up with your hands.

Natural Sciatica Pain Relief Remedies


This next stretch that is most important for a bulging disc starts with you lying on your belly on the floor. 

Before even attempting the stretch, relax on your belly for a few seconds taking deep breaths and focusing on relaxing your lower back muscles.  Now gradually lift your upper torso off the ground just to rest on your forearms.  Your hips should stay grounded at all times.  Stretch back as far as you can without increasing symptoms down your leg.  Eventually you can push yourself up onto your hands for a full extension of your lower back.

Natural Sciatica Pain Relief Remedies

Step 4: Lower Back Supports

Sciatica pain tends to happen from either a back injury or tight muscles in your buttocks.  To prevent your symptoms from getting worse, there are some measures to

Lower Back Brace

To reduce pressure and impact on a bulging disc you can wear a lower back brace around the house or at work.  A lower back brace will teach you proper bending technique and take some pressure off your lower spine while you’re standing or walking.

Small Cushion or a Rolled up Towel

Whenever you are sitting, especially if sitting long-term you want to support your lower back with either a small cushion or a rolled up towel.  You will find this takes a lot of pressure off your buttocks and your lower back.

To find a comfortable position while sleeping you’re going to need a few extra pillows.  Always have a pillow between your knees to keep your hips square.  Adding a small thin pillow under your waist while sleeping on your side will keep your back in alignment. If you turn onto your back it helps to have a small thin pillow under your lower back as well as large pillows under your legs.


These great natural remedies for sciatica pain relief will start your overall plan to heal your sciatic nerve and correct the cause of all your pain. Talk to your health care professional to find out what is best for your condition.


About the Author

Regina Rain has overcome sciatica pain after suffering with symptoms for over 6 months. She is passionate about sharing her story and showing the tools she used for sciatica pain relief at home.