Natural Uterine Fibroids Treatments

Natural Uterine Fibroids Treatments. This is part 2 of my series about natural uterine fibroids treatments. Check out part 1 right here, which outlines what uterine fibroids are, my experiences going to doctors, and conventional medical treatments.



Natural Uterine Fibroids Treatments Part 2

Natural Uterine Fibroids Treatments I Use

  • To combat anemia, which happens due to prolonged and heavy periods, take Slow Fe iron. It’s a special iron supplement made for people that have low iron levels. Iron takes about two months to build up sufficient iron levels, so you must take this every day. It can be found at a grocery or drug store. Do not double the recommended dosage because you can overload and poison your system. Doctors don’t recommend taking Slow Fe for an extended period because it can cause intestinal issues. I took blackstrap molasses, which is high in iron so that I wouldn’t be on Slow Fe for an extended period.   
  • Eat foods rich in iron such as non-heme(from plants) sources: peas, spinach, beans, lentils, apricots, blackstrap molasses. For vegans and vegetarians: Combining vegetable sources of iron with vitamin C food sources will increase iron absorption. I’m a vegetarian, and I make sure to eat as many high iron vegetables as possible. Doctors say that the body best absorbs heme iron, which is present in meat. The highest heme iron foods are beef, chicken liver, oysters, clams, and mussels.
  • Many women say that when they stopped eating all meat or stopped eating chicken, menstrual bleeding decreased considerably. There are numerous hormones in meats that affect a woman’s reproductive system.
  • Drink lots of filtered water with fresh, organic lemon juice. This helps to detox the body.
  • Drink homemade tea made with fresh turmeric, organic lemon juice, and cold-pressed coconut oil. These ingredients are excellent for inflammation and pain.
  • Drink these herbal teas: dandelion, comfrey, and milk thistle. Dandelion is a great liver detox and flushes excess estrogen. All of these herbs help with excess estrogen.
  • Use a coffee enema or wheatgrass enema (I’ve only tried the coffee. I know some friends that do both.)
  • Eat only organic fruit and veggies. Conventionally grown produce is loaded with toxic pesticides.
  • Eshe, The Herb Lady, recommends a weekend watermelon cleanse to flush the female system. It’s awesome! 
  • Exercise regularly
  • Meditate or pray regularly

Interesting side notes: A doctor told me that professional black women get fibroids the most. Research hasn’t found the exact cause, but the doctor thinks it’s because most professional women have fewer children. ( I fall into this category as I only have one child, and I’m a professional). This information makes sense to me since the womb is made to bear children.


Natural Uterine Fibroids Treatments

Uterine Fibroids Wellness Meditation

This is a ten-minute meditation I do for womb healing:

Touch your stomach, close your eyes, breath in deeply, and say,

I love you.

You serve me well.

You bring about life.

You are my center.

You are healed.”

Make sure to do this meditation frequently, especially when your symptoms are worst.



Natural Uterine Fibroids Treatments

Things to Avoid While Doing Natural Uterine Fibroids Treatments:

  • No coffee or tea
  • No soy products
  • No milk or cheese
  • No canned food or sodas
  • Cut down on sugar


Don’t eat food and medicine with xenoestrogens like caffeine, coffee, tea, birth control pills. These things increase the production of estrogen and can lead to cancer and other health problems. Xenoestrogens (foreign estrogens) are synthetic and natural chemicals that mimic natural estrogens.

Did you know that women get exposed to an excessive amount of xenoestrogens daily??


List of Items with Xenoestrogens

  • No tampons—makes bleeding worse.
  • No conventional personal care products such as feminine wash and sanitary pads. Use organic
  • No hair perms, hair spray, hair dye
  • No synthetic perfume, lotion, body wash, deodorant, nail polish.
  • No conventional detergent; use Borax and baking soda instead.
  • No conventional cosmetics –use natural made products.
  • No birth control pills. Wild Yam Root is a great natural birth control I use.
  • No alcohol during menstruation cut down on alcohol in general. I don’t drink alcohol.

USE NATURAL PRODUCTS Search the EWG database for safe items to buy.



Natural Uterine Fibroids Treatments

Meaningful Relationships and Sex

You may wonder how sex can help ease fibroid and menstrual symptoms. Sex relieves cramps and lessens the flow of blood. The pleasure receptors involved block pain. So it’s another essential part of natural uterine fibroid treatments.

It’s essential to have meaningful sex with a partner in a happy, fulfilling, committed relationship. Sex should be with someone with positive, nurturing energy since that helps to heal. Being in a dysfunctional relationship can make fibroids grow more. Most women don’t realize this! When I was diagnosed, I was in a bad marriage and could feel my fibroids throb after each argument. Part of my healing was getting a divorce and getting away from that toxic environment.

Many women that have experienced sexual abuse and trauma tend to have uterine fibroids or other reproductive system issues. The uterus holds a majority of a woman’s emotional energy and must be managed properly for the reproductive system’s good health. That’s why you have to heal yourself inside, emotionally and physically.

Counseling can help with these issues. Meditation and prayer help a lot too. Tao internal exercises (mind and body exercises) help heal by meditating and rubbing the stomach: This is recommended for experienced meditators.


Natural Uterine Fibroids Treatments

Be Around Nurturing People for a Stress-Free Lifestyle

Studies show that people who have cancer and other serious diseases healed quicker from radiation/chemotherapy by having positive people around them, having a regular religious or spiritual practice, and listening to music during treatments.

Tips for No Stress

  • Hang around, positive people.
  • Maintain a happy marriage or committed relationship.
  • Don’t work a stressful job.
  • Do volunteer work and help people.
  • Go on nature walks
  • Laugh!! Don’t take life too seriously.

Since all female disorders are related and deal with hormone issues, many of these recommendations can be used for various female problems like endometriosis and ovarian cysts. I hope the tips on natural uterine fibroids treatments are helpful to get you back on the track to better reproductive system health.

If you missed part 1, it’s here.