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Health Awareness Week Jump Rope Workout

Health Awareness Week. Jump Rope Workout. Monday Day 1


Health Awareness week. Yes, it’s that time! Every day this week, I will be highlighting some helpful health tips to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle. On Wednesday, I’m excited to have a blog round-up post featuring some of the top health, wellness, and food experts.  So […]

Losing Weight Improves Sexual Health and Other Tips

Losing weight improves sexual health and other tips.
Losing weight improves sexual health and other tips. Many men with sexual problems think turning to the “little blue pill” is the best way to solve issues. When in fact, using that pill is only addressing the symptom and not getting to the root cause of it, so […]

Mental Illness Alternative Health Treatment Part 2

This is Part 2 of a story that outlines an alternative health mental illness treatment plan. Please read Part 1 about my friend Stacy’s experience in a mental illness treatment facility and her quest to treat her bipolar and anxiety disorders with alternative health treatments.

Stacy’s Alternative Health Mental Illness Treatment
Below is the routine I […]