What Leonardo DiCaprio Can

Teach us About Ego

What Leonardo DiCaprio Can Teach us About Ego. I thoroughly love this guest post article by well-known author and spiritual healer, Dr. Joe Vitale. Yes, movie star, Leonardo DiCaprio can give all types of inspiration about ego. Dr. Vitale explains how ego can be put in service to your inspiration, and how the ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation called, Ho’oponopono can help with that.


In the Words of Dr. Vitale:

I recently saw the movie, The Wolf on Wall Street, and, wow, it’s pretty intense. If nothing else, Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance could very well win him an Oscar – but what a character he portrays.

It’s debauchery at its finest delivered through an insatiable ego reeking of excess and manipulation.

Sadly, it gives ego a very bad name, a bad rap, so to speak, because our ego is actually designed to be helpful to us.

It really isn’t that the ego is the bad guy.


Do You Really Have to Get Rid of Ego?

Many spiritual traditions have misled us into thinking that we’ve got to get rid of the ego, but you know what? You’re not going to get rid of the ego. The ego is part of your body, mind, and soul system. You need the ego to operate in the real world, for example, to steer through traffic. It’s there to help protect you.

The problem is when you put it in charge and it starts talking you into or out of something.

The idea is to put your ego at the service of your inspiration.


It’s About Energy

What Leonardo DiCaprio Can Teach us About Ego

So how do you know when you’re doing one or the other? You can literally feel it in your body. Your energy feels different. When you’re following the voice of ego, your energy will drop, and when you’re following inspiration, you feel enlivened and rejuvenated. Of course, it’s not always that simple to recognize the difference. Dr. Hew Len, a great teacher of Ho’oponopono, taught me how to recognize the difference.

In a real sense, it requires the art of internal discernment.

You see, even though we talk about this thing called the “ego,” what we’re really talking about is the data of our mind, made up of a whole slew of unconscious beliefs and ideas that have been programmed into us from the beginning of time.

When we’re operating from this data, we’re not aware of choices, or even reality. We see the world through filters, just as you do when you put a lens filter on a camera. These filters act to block our awareness of the Divine, to hearing what magnificence it has in store for us.

Fortunately, we don’t have to remain at the mercy of this data. We can break free and enter the realm of limitless possibilities. All we have to do is leave the world of limitations imposed on us by an unconsciously driven ego. And that’s one of the gifts of Ho’oponopono. It allows us to do the “cleaning” that it necessary to live by inspiration, instead of ego.

Remember, a wolf by any other name is still a wolf, no matter what street it happens to be running amok on.


What Leonardo DiCaprio Can Teach us About Ego


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