Yvonne Pierre Show Interview with Health Plus Style Part 2

Hi Everyone! In case you missed my interview on the Yvonne Pierre Show, the full one hour interview along with clips parts 3 and  4 are below.  I discussed many different things dealing with alternative health. Thanks to my good friend Yvonne Pierre for interviewing me! Clips parts 1 and 2 are of the first half of my interview are here.


The Topics:

  • Using nutritional testing to get better health
  • How forgiveness is healthy for the body and mind



Yvonne Pierre Show Interview with Health Plus Lifestyle Part 2


Short clips of the interview:

  • Part 3: Using Nutritional Testing To Achieve Good Health 


  • Part 4: How Forgiveness is Healthy For You

Full 1 Hour Interview below

The Yvonne Pierre Show Interview Mind, Body, Spirit Connection with Dee Doanes of  Health Plus Lifestyle