California Redwoods and Communicating with Nature Part 1

California Redwoods and Communicating with Nature

I took this at the Avenue of the Giants


California Redwoods and Communicating with Nature. California Redwoods are beautiful, tall majestic trees that are important to nature. Of course, all living things in nature are important since everything co-exists together, forming a mutually beneficially nurturing systems that keep everything in perfect balance.  Check out part 2 of my story about California Redwoods tomorrow. I will have a fact sheet and info about conservation efforts for the trees.

Recently I went on a spiritual retreat to Mt. Shasta and the California Redwoods. I had a memorable and moving spiritual moments that were life-changing. I have always loved nature, regularly climbing Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta, doing walking meditations outside my home and touching trees, and being a nature photographer.

I must say that being with the California Redwoods, (I call all them Big Mamas—that’s what we call grandmothers here in the country parts of the South), is a higher level of communicating with nature here on earth.

My friend and I took all these pictures. It’s hard to show in pictures how magical and special these Redwoods are. Or how tall!


California Redwoods and Communicating with Nature

I love this Redwood!

California Redwoods at The Avenue of the Giants

Coming up from Mt. Shasta, I passed through Selma, Oregon, and stopped by Crystal Kaleidoscope, an awesome gem and rock store owned by Louis and Carol. They suggested taking the alternative scenic route of The Avenue of the Giants (which runs through Humboldt Redwoods State Park) and bypass going to the park for a guided tour. There are plenty of signs on the 101 (Pacific Hwy) pointing you to the alternate routes so you won’t get lost on a road trip.

Side Note: The 101 is the best scenic way to make a California road trip and view several towns along the coast. The route I traveled was from San Diego to Mt. Shasta, Selma, Oregon; Avenue of the Giants, Weott, Eureka, San Luis Obispo, Russian River Valley (Sonoma), San Simeon, San Francisco, back to San Diego.

California Redwoods and Communicating with Nature

I felt the powerful energy of the trees.

Communicating with California Redwoods: What the Trees Told Me

It was dark as I drove through the Redwood forest because of the thick canopy (top of trees). Limbs are located only toward the top of trees, so when you walk in the center of a cluster of Redwood trees, light streams down the middle of the forest.

The first area I was drawn to had several fallen Redwoods, and the ones standing were dying. Here are pictures of me inside a few of them. When I touched one tree, I could feel that its energy was low, and it would soon be dead. My heart felt heavy. Touching and sharing that energy brought me to tears. I pulled my hands away and starting breathing heavily as I looked at a nearby fallen. Then the trees—all of them around me, fallen and standing, communicated with me. In my mind, their energy surged through me and said,We become part of the earth; we never die and continue to live in another way.”  I stumbled over mossy growths and quickly walked to my car.  The energy was so strong it was unbearable. My temples throbbed, and I almost passed out.


Check out my video talking about my experiences:

Another Spiritual Experience Communicating with California Redwoods

Five miles down the street, I was drawn to another cluster of trees. This time my experience was very different. I walked slowly toward the center of the group of trees, toward the biggest tree. The Big Mama was majestic, pulsating with energy. The trees here looked taller; the forest floor looked thicker with moss and growths. Most definitely, the trees and vegetation here were much older.

The forest floor was soft and hard at the same time, springy. The area down the street I had walked on was regular ground, nothing at all like this.  Where I was now, I heard no sound. No insects. No birds. This was not the case in another area down the street; there I could hear sounds. But here, all was still except I could feel the life breathing on the forest floor. It’s as if God and nature were listening carefully to my heart and thoughts.


California Redwoods and Communicating with Nature

One of my favorite pictures I took

Real-life Lord of the Rings Experience

If I sat down or dug through the layers of moss and leaves, I would fall through an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole, and into an alternate Universe. It was a real-life ‪‎Lord of the Rings experience. I bet just taking a small layer of that vibrant earth would be great for planting in my garden!

I touched the sacred, majestic Redwood tree. Her energy filled me with joy and a deep sense of calm.  After several minutes of meditating with her, I moved toward the center of the trees. I held my hands up to the sky and slowly turned in a circle acknowledging all the trees surrounding Big Mama with my energy. I felt light, energetic, and humble. I wish I could have stayed stay there in that spot all day. I left and continued on the rest of my journey, knowing that communicating with the California Redwoods was an experience I will never forget.