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Composting for Beginners

Composting for Beginners 
Check out two of my  Facebook Live Videos on composting for beginners and how to get started gardening. The first video shows how to make your own simple DIY compost bin for $10! This is very easy to do it yourself garden hack for those new to gardening, farming, or wanting to […]

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Natural Disasters Happening Now

Natural Disasters Happening Now



          There are many natural disasters happening now.  Why Are The Recent Natural Disasters Happening Now?

(This a blog post version of the Voice of Shanti Newsletter produced by Shanti Villa Institute and Shanti Atlanta. To get on the email list, click on the home page to […]

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Man, Microbes, Flora, Fauna pts 1,2

Man, Microbes, Flora, Fauna pts 1, 2


Sri Charles Davis of Shanti Villa Institute does a Man, Microbes, Flora, Fauna video series. These videos are part 1 and part 2 of a 10 part series. Sri Charles is my teacher. He’s an environmentalist and #Agnihotra #meditation ( Homa Therapy) expert. This talk is about the […]

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Earth Day at Shanti Villa Institute

Earth Day at Shanti Villa Institute


I had a wonderful time celebrating Earth Day with my teacher Sri Charles at Shanti Villa Institute, located in Tuskegee, AL.  Shanti Villa is a farm, Auyerveda medicine school, and eco-Center. Yogiray did a Gongscape meditation and my dance group, Dance Fusion performed.


The day was special. We had fun playing […]

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