Earth Day at Shanti Villa Institute


Earth Day at Shanti Villa Tree Hugger in High Heels


I had a wonderful time celebrating Earth Day with my teacher Sri Charles at Shanti Villa Institute, located in Tuskegee, AL.  Shanti Villa is a farm, Auyerveda medicine school, and eco-Center. Yogiray did a Gongscape meditation and my dance group, Dance Fusion performed.


The day was special. We had fun playing games, enjoying vegetarian food, and celebrating how much we love the Earth! The Earth abundantly provides for us and we are connected to it. This connection with our planet connects each and every one of us, this is a Universal Truth no matter what race or religion you are.


          We are all made from the same stardust. We all come from the soil.

                  We all are love and light, even if we can’t see this at times.


Shanti Villa soil Tree Hugger in High Heels


                                      We have to make sure to take care of Mother/Father Earth and combat climate change.

                                                                                 If the environment declines then we decline.




My teacher opened up the celebration with a fire ceremony. You can see it the video below.


Yogiray did gongs with guest musician, Sam

Earth Day at Shanti Villa Yogiray Tree Hugger in High Heels