Healing the Body with the Mind part 2

Healing the Body with the Mind. This is part 2 of an article on healing the body with the mind.  Check out part 1. The mind is essential to overall health and tranquility.

Let’s continue with the discussion on how to train mind.

Tapping into Your Energy

Healing the Body with the Mind

Start noticing where you’re carrying this energy in the moment. As soon as you get upset, intend to feel the physical sensation of the emotion rather than focusing on the negativity that created it.

As you relax and breathe into the feeling, tell yourself you’ll think about it later, right now you’re just feeling through it.

Notice, for example, if the the energy is low in your belly it will begin to rise up through your solar plexus, the space just below your rib cage and above your belly button. It will continue to rise up through your chest, throat and into your head as it moves out.


Visualizing and Healing the Body with the Mind

Healing the Body with the Mind

Envision the top of your head opening like a skylight, allowing the energy to move out. Notice how your mind relaxes and your perspective on the situation changes. What before was so personal and upsetting you now can see from a different, better perspective.

As you learn to shift and move your energy with ease, illness will be a thing of the past. You will recognize any aches or pains as energy moving, relax and allow it to shift and move.

It’s only our minds holding onto the idea that something must be wrong that first begins to create something wrong in our bodies and then holds on to it.

If you are confronted with illness or dis-ease right now, get quiet, relax and take a few deep breaths for me. Take a moment to feel what you’re feeling physically in your body. Ask yourself “What is this all about?” Notice what comes up physically and what story or memory accompanies it.

Deal With the Past

Did you decide as a child you weren’t worthy of love because a parent was ill equipped to offer it to you? Did someone leave or not protect you? Did a teacher make you think you weren’t good or smart enough? Did you make a mistake you’re not letting yourself get over?

Soothe yourself always in your mind. Tell yourself you’re ok and everything is always working out for you. (If it hasn’t been up to now, it will be once you being telling yourself this and moving the energy)

The only thing that keeps negativity, illness, dis-ease, weight, unhealthy relationships or lack in our lives is the energy of it we carry in our bodies and the way we think about, talk about and focus on them.


On the Path to Healing the Body with the Mind

Recognize your own personal power and your entire world begins to shift. How do you do that?

  •  Soothe yourself in your mind
  • Allow yourself to move the energy physically in your body
  • Consciously focus on what you WANT

It may not always be easy but it will always be this simple.

As you practice these techniques you’ll notice negativity less and less. And when you do notice it, you’ll think, “Bless your heart” instead of being angry, upset or judgmental.

You’ll realize that we all struggle to some extent. We don’t always handle everything properly, but we’re always human and that is enough.

You are precious and perfect exactly as you are right now. As you drop the protective masks you’ve been wearing and carrying around your entire life, things will become unrecognizable in the most wonderful of ways.

I believe in you and am holding the vision of your perfect health, happiness, vitality and abundance in every way.


Much Love and Many Blessings,



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