Losing weight improves sexual health and other tips.

Losing weight improves sexual health and other tips. Many men with sexual problems think turning to the “little blue pill” is the best way to solve issues. When in fact, using that pill is only addressing the symptom and not getting to the root cause of it, so better sexual and overall health can take place.


Losing Weight Works Better Than the “Little Blue Pill”

Late night commercials tout treatments geared towards men sexual performance. They don’t talk about how losing weight improves sexual health and other tips to help men be sexually healthy. Society has groomed men to focus on having larger sexual organs and being able to have long-lasting sex sessions, when really the focus should be on long lasting health. Good health equals good sex. Guaranteed. Most of this discussion is geared toward men but if you’re a woman, you will find this information useful too.


Losing Weight Improves Sexual Health by:

  • Improving ability to breath
  • Increasing blood flow to all areas of the body
  • Increasing muscular power



Other Tips: It’s All About Circulation

Losing Weight Improves Sexual Health and Other Tips

Sexual stamina and erections comes from blood circulation. Bad circulation in the sexual region means bad circulation in the heart region, and the likelihood of having issues with sexual performance and the heart. Doctors are advising patients with erectile dysfunction to also focus on heart health.

Eating a healthy diet will help to lose weight and increase circulation. Taking the amino acid, L-arginine will boost the body’s production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is needed to dilate the blood vessels in the penis so men can have erections.

Men also need zinc in their diet to boost testosterone levels in order to have erections. Meat, fish, beans, and yogurt are good sources of zinc.

Being in good physical shape and exercising regularly will help achieve great circulation.


Good Circulation Lessens Chances of:

  • Having a stroke
  • Having high blood pressure
  • Having high cholesterol
  • Developing prostate cancer


Exercises to Lose Weight


Losing Weight Improves Sexual Health and Other Tips

Hiking is fun and scenic!

Do exercises that are challenging. They should give you a good cardiovascular workout while toning muscles.

Try These Exercises:

  • Tennis
  • Swimming ( esp. good if you have bad knees. 5 laps or more build endurance )
  • Hiking (for those not fond of gyms)
  • Interval weight training


Your Muscles Will Become Stronger

Of course losing weight improves sexual health and other tips help with overall health. When the body doesn’t have to work at lifting its own mass, it is able to perform better. Exercise builds muscles and helps lose excess body weight, but in the process the muscles become stronger. Stronger muscles are necessary to keep up with high energy sexual activities. Therefore muscle tone will help improve all aspects of your sexual health.


Other Tips:Add Herbs to Weight Loss Plan to Improve Sexual Health

Losing Weight Improves Sexual Health and Other Tips

Adding the right herbal supplements along with your weight loss plan will considerably improve your sexual health. The combination of the two will boost energy and make you more confident.

Here are a few herbs to help:

  • Fo-ti( He shou wu)—Chinese herb used for vitality and sexual potency
  • Panax ginseng— Chinese herb used for diabetes and erectile dysfunction
  • Saw Palmetto—Good for prostate health


Nothing else will improve your mental and physical wellbeing, like losing weight. It is good for the body, but also good for the psychological state of any human being. Your sexual health is directly linked to how you see yourself physically, mentally and even spiritually. A holistic approach to sexual health begins with the basics, like losing those extra pounds this year. All it takes is eating health and an exercise regimen, but it all starts with you.

This article is contributed by Shawn Clark