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Meditation for Health

Meditation for Health

Meditation for health is a part of lot of people’s lives.  Mediation is becoming well-known in many places including homes, fitness centers, recovery facilities, and many more places as well.

These techniques are used to help one relax their mind so they can rejuvenate themselves.

How does someone meditate?

There are a variety of ways […]

Finding Peace and Harmony

Finding Peace and Harmony
Welcome to my first Spirit Conversation. I post these conversations to encourage you to open your mind and clear out the negativity that holds you back in life.

This Spirit Conversation topic is: Finding Peace and Harmony. Finding your peace and harmony are important to having complete health and happiness in […]

Mental Illness Alternative Health Treatment Part 2

This is Part 2 of a story that outlines an alternative health mental illness treatment plan. Please read Part 1 about my friend Stacy’s experience in a mental illness treatment facility and her quest to treat her bipolar and anxiety disorders with alternative health treatments.

Stacy’s Alternative Health Mental Illness Treatment
Below is the routine I […]