Top 10 Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in the U.S. You will love this list of top 10 vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the U.S. This list includes restaurants that serve a wide variety of food including: Italian, Indian, and Japanese. The thing I like most about the restaurants featured is that many meat eaters say they enjoy eating at these places too! Being a former vegetarian that currently eats primarily fish and veggies, I love when vegetarian and vegan restaurants can create tantalizing dishes that appeal to the masses.

Some meat eaters may have pre-conceived notions about vegetarian food and not be willing to try it. Maybe it’s too bland. Maybe it’s all twigs and bean sprouts. Not the case at all! Go ahead and try one of these wonderful restaurants and be healthier by eating veggies.


Atlanta, GA

Top 10 Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in the U.S.

1Loving Hut. Vegan restaurant located in Sandy Springs and Norcross

I went to the Norcross location with a friend a month ago and love, love love the Holy Eggplant dish! Been back several times since then.


2.  Sevananda. Co-op health food grocery store with a vegan hot bar. Located in Little Five Points. I started going years ago when I was a vegetarian. BTW, they don’t sell meat. The best vegan hot bar in town! The menu changes weekly. Some of their yummies include African peanut soup and spelt biscuits.



New York, NY

3.  Blossom serves vegan and kosher food! Great for all my Jewish vegan friends.


4. Cocoron Soba is a Japanese restaurant specializing in soba noodles. The menu isn’t totally vegetarian but they have a good selection of vegetarian dishes including seaweed broth.


Miami, FL

5. Escopazzo doesn’t have an entirely vegetarian menu, but how many Italian restaurants serve organic food and have a raw, vegan food section on the menu. Oh yeah, they totally rock!



Ft. Lauderdale, FL

6. Sublime has great vegan food and a great cause. 100% of the profits support animal welfare. Way to go! Also, celebrities like Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson love this hot spot.



Los Angeles, CA

7.  Samosa House serves vegetarian Indian food. I love Indian food!



8. For you pizza lovers, Cruzer Pizza is the only meatless, vegan pizzeria in Los Angeles. I’m not big on pizza but I haven’t heard of this type of pizza place in any other place in the U.S.



Chicago, IL

Top 10 Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in the U.S.


9. Soul Vegetarian Eastoffers much more than vegetarian food with a southern twist. It’s a deli and juice bar too. Even the pickiest meat eater will have a hard time believing that the dishes are meatless.




10And you thought there were no veggie restaurants in Montana?  Check out Chickpea Café.  This Mediterranean restaurant has mostly a vegetarian menu. Located in Bozeman, Montana.